STUDY of Systems Psychodynamic Organizational Consulting (SPOK)


Was starting in January 2017


Institute Zavedno Maribor, Psychosocial Section of Group Analytic Society Beograd (Sekcija za razumevanje Psihodinamike i Rad sa Institucijama, Organizacijama i Društom; Društvo Grupnih Analitičara Beograd) and Consulting-Art Beograd in close cooperation with other renowned colleagues from the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Studies of Organisations – ISPSO


announce a study of Systems Psychodynamic Consulting (modelled on the approach of The Tavistock Institute, London), the first study programme of its sort in Slovenia.


Gain knowledge all managers and leaders, team members in organizations and especially individuals who already work in areas of individual and group coaching/consulting (or would like to in future) should have.


More Information on office@zavedno.com and phone +386 41 797 299, +386 2 471 29 29


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