Would you like to have an effective conversation about your troubles? Would you like to trust to someone with your concerns?

The correct choice is the psychotherapy!

Which we could define by healing with the words, relationship and new learnings. It is proceeding in secure and trustful environment in the conversation with an educated therapist who has also personal experience in psychotherapy.

Our approach is personal and individual directed, so we can ensure secure environment and relationship where the patient can speak freely about everything. The psychotherapist listens to the client and with hers/his presence, empathy, understanding, scientific methods and techniques she/he helps the client to see the situation also from different view so the client can find the solutions and slowly through the conversation get new experiences and different patterns.

It is scientific proofed that new learned experiences and patterns are permanent.


Why, when and how the psychotherapy can help me?

  in the case of crisis at the turning point in life
  in desire to improve the quality of life and to solve the dilemmas
  in desire to improve partner/marriage relationship, the relationship with children, friends, coworkers, boss
  by accepting important life decisions and steps
  for easier facing and accepting the problems
  when I wish to speak out in the safe environment about the personal matters
which till now I have not dared to utter yet
  when I need someone who is listening to me
  when I need someone who I can completely trust and speak to without restraint with knowing that all what is spoken about will stay private in between us
  when I wish that someone accepts me as I am
  when I need someone who does not look at me with contempt and is not devaluating me but respecting me
  when I desire to cooperate with someone who does not devaluate my deeds and achievements
  when I wish that my difference is respected


The psychotherapy is a specific process and a unique life experience. People around the world have realized the positive effects from psychotherapy and already for a long time it is not considered as taboo anymore. Certainly to join in the psychotherapeutic process does not mean that is something “wrong” with us. Most frequently people who are going to join the psychotherapy are those who desire to improve their life. It is common to take psychotherapy as an opportunity for having a productive conversation with someone who understands our problems, is able to help and is accepting us as we are.

In the institute Zavedno we do individual developmental analytic psychotherapy or work with the group on the principles of group analysis work. The working method is based on developmental analytic psychotherapy as science and profession. The work from the field of psychotherapy is supervised. For the client this still means complete anonymity and on the other hand also it means additional security.


The psychotherapy in the institute Zavedno is especially suitable for:

  leading personnel in the company and entrepreneurs
  business women
  teachers and professors
  lawyers and judges
  doctors and nurses
  and for all who are daily exposed to difficult mutual relationships in business and personal life


From the client is expected persistence, motivation, readiness for self-development and changes, punctuality, endeavor, trust and honesty.


One session of psychotherapy lasts between 45 and 50 minutes.

How frequent the sessions will happen depends on the agreement with the client. Commonly it is advised to meet once per week. The reason for being so advised is that the condition of psychotherapy to be successful is the establishment and constancy of the relationship and visiting once per week is making that process easier.

After introductory discussion we settle the agreement for experimental phase of psychotherapy which lasts between 10 to 15 introductory sessions. Few sessions are dedicated for directional anamnesis. After that is decided the therapeutic agreement in which the client and therapist make agreement about fundamental conditions of psychotherapeutic process.

The psychotherapy is always a long-lasting process. It can last from one to many years. We have been learning our experiences and behavior for years so it will also take time to change and to eliminate the unsuitable habits and then to learn the new ones.

The psychotherapy mostly achieves results by people who have capacity for introspection (the view inside oneself) and they are ready for active work on self. By some people the problems are only reduced by psychotherapy. But there exist also people by whom is after psychotherapy no extra success visible. It is not possible to predict specific whether the problems will be eliminated or not...many times the problems are only reduced. More accurate prediction we can establish after initial - introductory part. It is important to allow your-self a chance for something new, different and the results will come later.

Psychotherapeutic services are self-founding.