Would you like to get directions which would make for you easer to follow your goals?

Do you need an opinion and an advice from a neutral person?

Then the right decision for you is professional psychological consulting!

Psychological consulting is the form of conversations which are not proceeding on the principle of psychotherapy but they are counseling conversations for life improvement.


When shall I decide for psychological consulting?

  when I desire to improve the quality of my life
  when I wish to solve the dilemmas
  in the time of crisis at the turning point in life
  when I desire to improve partner/marriage relationship, the relationship with children, friends, coworkers, boss
  by important life decisions and steps
  for easier facing and accepting the problems
  in the case of separation from someone important in your life


In the frame of psychological consulting you can decide for directional conversations, longer consulting and also for interventional conversations with which you will be able to solve necessary matters in the shortest possible time as also you will learn the ways for easier accepting and reacting on the certain life situations.


What can I gain with psychological consulting?

  trust worthy conversation and constructive way of searching the solutions
  cooperation with experienced therapist
  support when making decisions, support for choosing and searching the best solutions
  complete understanding and acceptance
  the relief from my many concerns



Do you wish that work in your company is processing fluently, that the employees are motivated and focused on the goals that in the collective is ruling creative and positive atmosphere? Do you need an advice about specific business challenge and you desire constructive solutions?

All this is combined on one place in business consulting which gathers a collection of activities for support to entrepreneurs and theirs companies. Commonly the solutions are on the hand but alone we have difficulty to notice them. The reason is that we are too involved in our own company which is disabling us to see the problem from a different angles. All successful entrepreneurs know this secret so they have continuous counselors or occasional business consulting where in very short time, constructively and successfully, they find the solutions.

In the institute Zavedno we step even further…we are merging the skills of psychological and business consulting which is accelerating the process of finding solutions and simultaneously all the participants learn a lot just from the procedure it-self. The knowledge achieved in our sessions helps to stop repeating the same old patterns and consequently improves one`s operating in the business world on many levels.

How is the business consulting proceeding?

One of tested successful ways is the usage of “safe place”. This is an organized form of consulting where each employee under our supervision contributes and exchanges his/hers experiences, listens to others and learns from new experiences.

The consulting can be one-timed. But even better results are achieved in the groups which have an opportunity to meet once per week. The employees become more motivated for work and they also save the problems to solve them faster and more productive on this meetings. So during the week in the collective there is no more conflicts and the atmosphere becomes much less negative. The collective is changed into a group with good relationships and personal motivation which can drastically improve the business results.

7 advantages of business consulting:

  the employees are solving disagreements and confusions out of regular working time
  the employees learns to express them self without conflict but in an appropriate way
  the working time is not overloaded with nonbusiness conversations
  the workers are solving their problems regularly and so they are more satisfied, respectful and motivated
  with the support of the “third person” is not interfered in the integrity of the company
  in the working time the employees are focused on work and they are not burdened with other stuff
  the employees find common language and constructive solutions for the challenges


Individual business and/or psychological consulting for entrepreneurs and leading cadre proceeds on the special individual agreement which is designed on the bases of needs, wishes and expectations of the individual who has decided for this form of consulting.